about us

The restaurant aims to provide a unique ambiance, working with the elements of bright and natural lighting, clean large open spaces, spacious seating arrangement and contemporary architecture. It promises to emanate a luminescence like no other eatery in town.

Come and spend as much time as you like at the eatery, whether to have a casual meet up with friends over elegantly served Bengali street foods, to spend a lazy afternoon with a book over a cup of coffee or to have an extended meeting with colleagues. This eatery, which will
double as an art gallery, will serve as a space that encourages the exchange of ideas, endless flows of conversation and the appreciation of simply prepared foods that are rich in natural flavor.

This secluded lounge-inspired space also serves as an ideal location to display precious works of art during exhibitions. With a rock pool right by the side of the gallery, the whole environment portrays an intimate ambiance.

The space has been created with the utmost attention to detail – but with a purpose. Imagine being in a garden with wide open view of the sky; with works of art hanging amidst greenery and flowers. This coalescence of spaces and of purposes would teleport guests into a distant wonderland that is available in no other space in the capital.


Come join us and chill out with your friends and family in Dhanmondi’s newest destination – The Courtyard at Park Heights